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Read, listen to, and search the Book of Mormon: Another Testament of Jesus Christ. The Book of Mormon is the word of God, like the Bible. Alma 32 - Alma 34 - Alma 7 - Alma 1 - Alma 36 - Alma 30 - Alma - 1 Nephi 3 - 1 Nephi 2 - 1 Nephi 17 - 1 Nephi 11 -.

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Helaman 1 - Helaman 3 - Helaman 14 - Helaman 6 - Helaman Mosiah 2 - Mosiah 4 - Mosiah 1 - Mosiah 5 - Mosiah 18 - Mosiah 7. Mormon 1 - Mormon 9 - Mormon 8 - Mormon 7 - Mormon 3 -.

Ammaron instructs Mormon concerning the sacred records—War commences between the Nephites and the Lamanites—The Three Nephites are taken away—Wickedness, unbelief, sorceries, and witchcraft prevail. About A. Mormon leads the Nephite armies—Blood and carnage sweep the land—The Nephites lament and mourn with the sorrowing of the damned—Their day of grace is passed—Mormon obtains the plates of Nephi—Wars continue. Mormon cries repentance unto the Nephites—They gain a great victory and glory in their own strength—Mormon refuses to lead them, and his prayers for them are without faith—The Book of Mormon invites the twelve tribes of Israel to believe the gospel. War and carnage continue—The wicked punish the wicked—Greater wickedness prevails than ever before in all Israel—Women and children are sacrificed to idols—The Lamanites begin to sweep the Nephites before them. Mormon again leads the Nephite armies in battles of blood and carnage—The Book of Mormon will come forth to convince all Israel that Jesus is the Christ—Because of their unbelief, the Lamanites will be scattered, and the Spirit will cease to strive with them—They will receive the gospel from the Gentiles in the latter days. The Nephites gather to the land of Cumorah for the final battles—Mormon hides the sacred records in the hill Cumorah—The Lamanites are victorious, and the Nephite nation is destroyed—Hundreds of thousands are slain with the sword. Mormon invites the Lamanites of the latter days to believe in Christ, accept His gospel, and be saved—All who believe the Bible will also believe the Book of Mormon. The Lamanites seek out and destroy the Nephites—The Book of Mormon will come forth by the power of God—Woes pronounced upon those who breathe out wrath and strife against the work of the Lord—The Nephite record will come forth in a day of wickedness, degeneracy, and apostasy.

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How can I find answers to help me with life's challenges? This animation gives a short but poignant view of The Book of Mormon and its relevance to each of us.

The Book of Mormon

Elder Jeffrey R. Holland explains the background and importance of the Book of Mormon. This book is another testament of Jesus Christ and serves as a companion scripture to the Holy Bible.

Prophets and Apostles discuss the importance of gaining a testimony of the Book of Mormon. Elder Jeffrey R.

True or False. The Book of Mormon: Elder Neil L. Look to the Book, Look to the Lord.

President Ezra Taft Benson. The Keystone of Our Religion.

Book of Mormon Charts

President James E. President Boyd K. Elder Richard G. Blessings Resulting from Reading the Book of Mormon.

Other Leaders. The Book on the Shelf. Elder Walter F. Man-Made or God-Given? Brother Tad R. There Is Power in the Book.

Book of Mormon Charts | BYU Studies

Fruits of the Book of Mormon. A Book with a Promise. Elder Craig C. Inseparable Witnesses of Jesus Christ. The sons of Mosiah go to preach to the Lamanites—Using the two seer stones, Mosiah translates the Jaredite plates.

Mosiah proposes that judges be chosen in place of a king—Unrighteous kings lead their people into sin—Alma the younger is chosen chief judge by the voice of the people—He is also the high priest over the Church—Alma the elder and Mosiah die.

Home LDS. Chapter 2 King Benjamin addresses his people—He recounts the equity, fairness, and spirituality of his reign—He counsels them to serve their Heavenly King—Those who rebel against God will suffer anguish like unquenchable fire.

Book of Mormon Geography

Chapter 3 King Benjamin continues his address—The Lord Omnipotent will minister among men in a tabernacle of clay—Blood will come from every pore as He atones for the sins of the world—His is the only name whereby salvation comes—Men can put off the natural man and become Saints through the Atonement—The torment of the wicked will be as a lake of fire and brimstone.

Chapter 4 King Benjamin continues his address—Salvation comes because of the Atonement—Believe in God to be saved—Retain a remission of your sins through faithfulness—Impart of your substance to the poor—Do all things in wisdom and order. Chapter 5 The Saints become the sons and daughters of Christ through faith—They are then called by the name of Christ—King Benjamin exhorts them to be steadfast and immovable in good works.

Chapter 6 King Benjamin records the names of the people and appoints priests to teach them—Mosiah reigns as a righteous king. Chapter 8 Ammon teaches the people of Limhi—He learns of the twenty-four Jaredite plates—Ancient records can be translated by seers—No gift is greater than seership.

The Record of Zeniff —An account of his people, from the time they left the land of Zarahemla until the time that they were delivered out of the hands of the Lamanites.

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